Europese waakhond: met slimme meters is grootschalige verzameling van persoonlijke gegevens mogelijk

Artikel The Guardian over waarschuwing European Data Protecion Supervisor (EDPS), de Europese Toezichthouder voor gegevensbescherming, 1 juli 2012

The EDPS warns that “while the Europe-wide rollout of smart metering systems may bring significant benefits, it will also enable massive collection of personal data”.

It said the technology could be used to track what “households do within the privacy of their own homes, whether they are away on holiday or at work, if someone uses a specific medical device or a baby monitor, or how they spend their free time”.

It claims the vast amount of information collected by the new generation of devices could have serious consequences for consumers and what they pay for their energy.

Bron: Energy smart meters are a threat to privacy, says watchdog