Europese toezichthouder: met slimme meters kun je het dagelijks leven van mensen in hun eigen huis volgen en gedetailleerde profielen opbouwen


Persbericht EDPS, de Europese Toezichthouder voor gegevensbescherming, 8 juni 2012:

Indeed, unless adequate safeguards are established to ensure that only authorized third parties may access and process data for clearly specified purposes and in compliance with applicable data protection law, deployment of smart metering may lead to tracking the everyday lives of people in their own homes and building detailed profiles of all individuals based on their domestic activities. With the sheer amount of information that is being amassed by these smart meters, ubiquitous availability of data from other sources, and advances in data mining technology, the potential for extensive data mining is very significant. Patterns can be tracked at the level of individual households but also for many households, taken together, aggregated, and sorted by area, demographics, and so on. Profiles can thus be developed, and then applied back to individual households and individual members of those households.

Bron: Press Release Smart meters: consumer profiling will track much more than energy consumption if not properly safeguarded, says the EDPS